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The Courier Difference

Wondering about the difference between courier services and standard delivery services?

Here are the main differentiating factors:

  • Courier service is personalized at both pickup and delivery
  • The materials are typically sensitive or confidential
  • Courier service takes place the same day or overnight

Thanks to its rapidity, security, and customization, courier services are ideal for high-consequence shipments that require fast turnaround times and expert handling.

Our Services

Here at Jet Courier, we offer a wide selection of delivery services. These include the following:
Same Day Services
  • Jet Run
  • Rush
  • Regular
  • Blue Run
  • After Hours

Overnight Services

Special Services

  • Banking
  • Mail Runs
  • Intercompany
  • Tenders

Each service package we offer includes benefits like real-time tracking, quick and secure order entry, detailed invoicing, and a team of trusted staff members, who personally pick up or deliver your packages for you.

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